Goals vs. Bucket List?

When you hear the words BUCKET LIST you instantly think of the movie and wonder is that person dying? Why a bucket list?

Some people make a list of goals they want to accomplish for the New Year.  Not me I prefer the bucket list.  My BFF and I started this a few years back when she started going to Florida for the winter months….SNOW BIRD! We wrote down what we wanted experience, learn, or accomplish in the New Year and we mailed the list to each other for safe keeping. I would check mine every few months only to find that I had accomplished things without even knowing it.  If I had a list called GOALS I know that I would be focused on the particular goal and not on the act of how I was getting to the end result.

To me a bucket list is a list of dreams, some big, some small, some we don’t even realize we are in the midst of till it has passed. Take time for yourself everyday even if it just a moment or two, sit and watch the sunrise at least once in your life you won’t regret it, or watch the sun as it goes down at the end of a hectic day.  What ever it is that you are in the middle of can wait just a few moments while you sit and watch.  Walk out in the falling snow and catch snowflakes on you tongue you are never too old to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature.  Do you know how quickly the sun sets?  Never the time to go grab the camera, but do we need to?  Soak in the beauty I promise you, you won’t soon forget that sight.  Even a rainy day has its beauty, go splash in the puddles!

No two snowflakes, raindrops or sunsets are ever alike each is an individual just like us.  Do your self a favor just stop, even if it is for a minute and take in the beauty and wonder around you. I find beauty in almost everything I love to observe, my BFF says I never miss a trick.  The smallest ladybug on the pedal of a flower or the bird taking a bath in a puddle it all is a wonder to me.

Electronics have taken over our lives, you may say well you are sitting typing this right now on an electronic device and my answer is YES, however I am learning to pick up the hand-held ones less and observe more! Ok what does that mean?  Well just look around a restaurant or your own dinner table for that fact.  What do you see?  Cell phones yes it seems that they can’t be put down.  There once was a time when they were only used for emergency calls now they are our life lines.  I challenge you all to put them away when you are amongst a group of people, talk to each other look in their eyes when they are telling you a story. How can the kids put them down if all they see is their parents constantly looking at them.  Watch a group of children at play, listen to their voices they are filled with ideas that we are missing.  Talk to a senior, ask about what it was like for them growing up, what games did they like to play, what was their favorite memory.  Seniors are our greatest asset they have lived through a lot and are still here to talk about it.  Just listen to them you won’t be sorry you may even learn something. And please if your parents are still alive, call them even if it is once a week just call them to hear their voice, what memory can you gain from a text message?  It you want to ask them something dial their number they will be thankful to hear from you trust me.

I am starting to ramble so I will wrap this up, if you take nothing else from this post, take this….time for yourself each day to soak in the wonder of life all around you.  Because someday may be too late, we can’t change the past but we hold our future in our hands make the best of yours.  Leave an impression and a legacy and lead by example.


2 thoughts on “Goals vs. Bucket List?

  1. Richard

    I cannot get in to “bucket lists”. Or those books that list all those things that you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO before you die. They make existence seem like some sort of scavenger hunt game, where the object is to collect as many prizes as you can. It’s all pretty vain and selfish, if you ask me.

    I prefer the view expressed in “Pixar’s Up: Paradise Lost at Paradise Falls” by Peter Fenzel ( http://www.overthinkingit.com/2009/06/03/pixars-up-paradise-lost-at-paradise-falls/ ), in which the author muses on the similarities between Milton’s epic and the movie. If I’m reading him correctly, he says that the goal of a person’s “late adulthood” should be to *fulfill all the promises and pledges you made along the way*.


    1. Reflections Post author

      Thank you Richard for your comments. My list is more things I really want to do, not things I have to do or absolutely must do. Life is too short to be focused on set things and as we are going through our daily lives we may just find that without even knowing it we have experienced one of those things on our list. Thanks again..



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