New Year New Goals

HAPPY 2017, if you are like me and a thousand others, you spent last night celebrating and making resolutions for the new year.  And like many, those resolutions will fade out just like the old year.

So who am I? A 61 (soon to be 62) year old mother of three, grandmother of 7 who has always wanted to BLOG.  I so admire those who do, those who share their insight and ideas.  Well let me tell you right off the bat, I am terrible at spelling , and punctuation is not my thing, one of the reasons I have always held back from doing this…that dreaded comment about a comma, or semicolon in the wrong place.

Well, while those individuals were busy learning how to point fingers at others faults, I was busy changing diapers and raising a family, working 10-12 hour days to keep a roof over our heads.  For someone who didn’t have the advantage of going to college I managed to work my way up the corporate ladder and maintain employment with the same major corporation for 29 years.  I have three extremely talented children who are all in their own careers and are all raising families on their own.  So I would say I think I have done ok for myself.

My husband and I hosted a New Years Eve dinner party last night with one other couple. I went to High School with this woman and we reconnected a few years ago, her husband and my husband hit it off on their first meeting and we are starting to form a bonding relationship. It seems like we ate our way through to the new year with one course after the next, lots of laughs and stories were shared, but one thing really struck a note with me.  As we sat enjoying appetizers and pineapple martinis my friend asked us each a question.

“What will you bring into 2017 with you, what did you discover about yourself in 2016 that you will carry into the NEW YEAR?”

Some may think that my response was a little selfish but if you really knew me you would know it is a huge step.  I learned to say NO! I learned to take the time I need because no one will ever give you that time back, even it just means taking an afternoon nap when you body says it is time to stop. Most woman and mothers I know will relate to this we never take the time for ourselves and it makes us feel unappreciated at times. It has taken me a very long time to be able to do this without feeling guilty.

Life is very short as we have learned over the past week with the loss of some dear friends.  You hold your future in your own hands and what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. Make the most out of every day, lay your head down at night with no regrets.  I have been giving a lot of thought lately to what my kids and grandkids will do someday when I am no longer here.  Will they continue to make Great Grandma’s Sand Tarts that I struggled to make by my self 5 days after foot surgery or won’t they matter. Will Mom’s Sour Cream Coffee cake be on the table Christmas morning at everyone of my kids houses when I am gone?

Despite their cool put together attitudes careers, their own families, and friends, too busy to answer Mom’s text messages or talk on the phone. One thing became very clear when it came down to it, they still needed MOM.  Whether it was to text  them a recipe, or give them advise on where to buy that filet, or maybe it was “Mom I’m at the store and forgot the recipe for Great Grandma’s Sand Tarts, what do I need to buy?”  Despite all of their independence they won’t admit it but they do still need me, and I will continue to answer the phone and reply to the text messages for as long as I can.

Life is what you make it, so go out and make it a great one, don’t’ keep putting off what it is you want to do just because you are worried about what others will say, jump in with both feet and enjoy the waves they are what makes us stronger.

So here is my first blog post something I have said I have wanted to do for a few years now, and it is done. Comments are welcome but please don’t criticize my grammar, it is what it is and I do the best I can we can’t all be perfect at everything!




One thought on “New Year New Goals

  1. Jan

    I loved your first blog entry! You have lead a fascinating, remarkable and impressive life, and continue to be an inspiration to many! Personally, I hope that this Blog gives birth to a novel about your life. I look forward to your next entry!💕



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